Corporation Kvazar Group of Companies offers a wide variety of decorative coatings:

  • Textured coatings
  • Glossy or mat coatings
  • “Mirror” and “polished steel” surface finish
  • Metallic coatings a la “gold”, “silver”, “copper”, including “scratched copper”
  • Mother-of-pearl and iridescent coatings
  • Chameleon coatings
  • Printech

We produce and supply flat rolled steel with decorative polymer coating that simulates the pattern and texture of natural material — wood, stone, brick, grass, etc.

Production of construction materials from prepainted metal helps to reduce construction time. Properly selected high quality polymer coatings do not fade under the sun and precipitation, thus eliminating the need to regularly touch up buldings finished with prepainted metal.

We offer printing of any images on sheet metal with further processing into products.

Flat rolled steel with decorative polymer coating can also be supplemented with anti-icing, anti-vandal or anti-bacterial properties.


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