Light gage steel framing and lightweight metal structures

Light gage steel framing and lightweight metal structures are two production technologies for frames of prefabricated buildings. The former profiles are made of galvanized steel, whilst the latter are made of heavier gage hot rolled steel.
Both types of structures have numerous advantages for construction of residential, commercial and industrial facilities:

  • Fast production and installation
  • Long service life
  • Strength and lightness
  • Resistance to fire, frost, humidity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Profitability

Lightweight steel structures are used for construction of hangars, industrial buildings, administrative complexes, warehouses, communication and navigation facilities, barracks, canteens and much more.

Corporation Kvazar Group of Companies manufactures and supplies lightweight steel frames complementing them with sandwich panels, corrugated sheets and metal tile roofing to provide a complex construction solution for your needs.


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